Our Procedures

Our experienced team of cardiologists provide cardiac procedures to help diagnose, treat and manage heart disease in Bunbury and the South West.

Cardiology procedures will sometimes be suggested as part of your individual management plan to help diagnose, treat and manage your heart condition.

There are several different procedures available to manage heart disease and depending on your condition, more than one may be recommended. We operate a sub-specialised model of care for cardiac procedures, meaning that your procedure will be performed by a cardiologist who has undertaken extensive additional training within this area of cardiology. This ensures that any procedures you have done are performed by an experienced specialised cardiologist which has been shown to improve outcomes and reduce complication rates.

At SouthWest Cardiovascular we perform our procedures locally at St John of God Bunbury. We offer both private and public procedures, providing a no gap fee structure for patients with health insurance undergoing a private procedure.