A HeartBug is a small event monitor that records your heart rate and rhythm for up to one month.


A HeartBug is both patient activated, correlating symptoms to rhythm and auto records to catch non-symptomatic arrhythmias.


Why am I having a HeartBug?


Your heart is a pump, for this pump to function there is an inbuilt electrical system within your heart that maintains your heartbeat.

Heart rhythm disorders, also known as arrhythmias, are heart conditions where the electrical activity of your heart has fallen out of its normal rhythm.

You may experience the following symptoms if you have an underlying arrhythmia:

  • Palpitations (racing or pounding heartbeat)
  • Fainting, chest pain or dizziness
  • Stroke

To accurately diagnosis you and start your management plan, your cardiologists need to capture the arrhythmia with either an ECG or event monitor. If your symptoms do not happen every day and a 24-72 hour Holter monitor has been unable to give enough information, your cardiologists will recommend an event monitor that can record for up to one month.

What happens during a HeartBug?

You will be supplied with the HeartBug kit and simple instructions to attach at home.

There are two electrode stickers, one attaches to your collarbone and one to your ribs. Keep these stickers on for the duration of the recording, up to 4 weeks. You will be provided with spare stickers. They can get wet but avoid swimming and baths.

Download the mobile app, if applicable.

If you feel symptoms enter them into your HeartBug app.

If a sticker falls off, replace it with a spare one. If they become itchy or annoying refer to the FAQs within the app

At the end of the four weeks return your heart bug in the post by the envelope provided.

For more information click here – How to Use Patch (HeartBug)

How long does this test take?

This test is fitted at home and worn for up to four weeks.

What to wear?

The HeartBug is the smallest event monitor in Australia and can be worn under normal clothes.

What to bring?

Please ensure you bring a copy of your referral with you.

My results?

If your Heartbug is performed before a consultation with one of our cardiologists any abnormal results will form part of the discussion.