What is remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is a service offered to SouthWest Cardiovascular patients with implanted cardiac devices (pacemakers, CRT, ICD and loop recorders). When you opt into our remote monitoring service your device can directly and securely share important information with us. This means your cardiologist can manage your heart condition and monitor your implanted device from the comfort of your home.

Remote monitoring has been extensively studied across the world and is now seen as the gold standard of care for patients with implanted cardiac devices.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Improved clinical outcomes

  • Our cardiologists are alerted to abnormal heart rhythms and issues with the device between your standard clinic visits
  • Detection of abnormalities as they occur leads to earlier intervention compared to standard care
  • Personalised, needs based optimisation of care, both device programming and medication changes
  • You’re less likely to be admitted to hospital or visit an emergency department

Improved Quality of life

  • Ongoing, personalised care from the comfort of your home
  • Reduced need to travel to the clinic, saving you time and cost
  • Easy to use
  • Patients using the service report an increased sense of security and peace of mind

How it works

This is an additional service that patients with implantable cardiac devices can opt into for a small fee. Your cardiologists will select the most appropriate device for your condition, all of which offer remote monitoring capabilities. It is then at your discretion if you wish to participate.

We have partnered with Cardiac Rhythm Connect, a specialist and dedicated provider of remote monitoring service in Western Australia.

You will be provided with a small device, that is usually plugged into an electrical socket in your bedroom. For some devices the remote monitor is a handheld device or monitoring is accessed via a specific application on your smart phone.

Your device information is securely transmitted to Cardiac Rhythm Connect, who alert your cardiologist if the device registers changes in its functionality or your heart condition.

Home monitoring has no significant impact of the battery life of your device but offers significant benefits to your heart health.

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